I am happy to announce my portrait of Amanda Gorman received a merit award from Jacksonville, FL judge, Robert Leedy at the Flagler County Art League’s virtual show, Heroes, Heroines and Heroic Acts. The show is online from April 17 until June 12, 2021.

Judge’s comments: We all remember this talented young woman and her insightful prose. Apart from the well-painted face and hands of the figure, the yellow jacket pulls at my attention. I remember admiring the jacket when I saw her. It is very painterly. The range of hues, values and intensities within the yellow are nice. Look at her left hand and jacket sleeve and the resulting shadow: this is my favorite part of the painting which serves as a way to draw attention to the secondary focus (the first, obviously the face) which is her hand in a very gestural, uplifting position that echoes her message.

The entries are amazingly diverse and creative. Please have a look when you can!