I am always interested in finding new, inspiring models to help in creating original paintings and photographic references to use for them.

Great art is created with the collaboration between myself and a model, I believe that my models deserve the utmost respect as well as compensation. For myself, having an enthusiastic and positive model is inspiring and makes for a productive event and I hope to create something as a result that will outlive us both!

Please fill in all the required info below, or if you know someone who may like to model, feel free to send them a link to this page!

LASTLY: If you do not have a modeling website, and if your social medias don’t have many pictures of yourself, you will need to email me with your Modeling Digitals.

“A person is a collage of people warring to become a portrait.”

Jenim Dibie

If you are scheduled to model, please be sure to bring your own hairbrush, makeup base, mascara and any additional favs. We can build your look from there. 

Once you are approved, if you have a favorite outfit feel free to discuss during our pre photo discussion so we can see if it can be worked into the shoot.

Model Application


Comfort level

Anonymous Modeling ONLY - Request identity completely anonymous on all imagery

Abilities and Talents


11 + 13 =